Talented Nottingham? You bet!

You will know by now that we’re trying to promote the City on various fronts over the next few months – and ‘Talented Nottingham’ is one of the key messages.

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My good friend and fellow blogger Nick Riley sent me some really interesting facts at the weekend. These were taken from research done in relation to the 2014 Graduate market. Specifically they looked at the Universities targeted by ‘Top Employers’.

Although you might expect that ‘Oxbridge’ would be top – they weren’t. The University of Nottingham trumped them.

Talented companies seeking talented people come to Nottingham first!

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But there was also news last week that one of our local companies (and Clients of my firm) had sold out. The TDX Group sold for £200m. This was huge story for Nottingham. It demonstrates the ‘talent’ agenda, and it shows visibly that we are a national centre for data analytics and software development.

Data analytics should be right up there on our list of USP’s – evidenced by this deal!

Talented, creative and bloody clever?

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