Nottingham – city of rebels (still)

That cute little kid Macauly Culkin (remember him in Home Alone?) popped into our fair City at the weekend.


Actually it was him with his band, the Pizza Underground. He’s trying to forge a music career. The only problem is that Nottingham is now a serious hotbed of musical talent and we Nottingham folks have a high threshold on quality. Culkin clearly hadn’t been told. He ‘played’ our world famous Rock City. A hallowed turf where the likes of Bowie, Nirvana, Oasis and Blur have trodden the boards.

This new band are apparently pushing a comedy set – taking well known hits and replacing key words with pizza references. It does sound crap and he was found out very early. I’m not sure I would pay!

After wrecking Lou Reeds Perfect Day with ‘Perfect Pizza’. it went horribly wrong. The crowd evidently didn’t feel that booing him was enough – so soaked him in beer…

He lasted just 15 minutes.

People were ejected as the organisers would have to do. And the organisers made a statement about a few people ruining the set.

It seems that Nottingham retains its crown of City of Rebels…

(Obviously I do not condone the sort of behaviour witnessed)

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