For Sale – in France

One of the stories we have released to coincide with MIPIM is our appointment to dispose of the Castle College site on Maid Marian Way. I have acted for the College for many years and they have really ambitious plans to release a number of sites and build a new ‘super college’. The location for this has been identified at ‘Broad Marsh East’ – just to the South of Nottingham Contemporary.


I was interviewed yesterday by Radio Nottingham. And the interview produced a flurry of comments – some on air and some on their Facebook page.

You always have that uneasy feeling when you ask for views. It is widely accepted that the current buildings on site are not exactly jewels in the Nottingham crown. But they serve a purpose and have done so for some time. The College will only move off the site allowing redevelopment when the new college has been built. That could be 2017 / 18.

But back to – asking for comments is a bit like a reverse brainstorming process. The people of Nottingham have spoken…

Robert Frank Taylor – what ever it is it will be a waste of money.

Dirk Lerxt Pratt – another curry restaurant nobody visits?

Tracy Howells – Another poundland!! Surely we don’t have enough pound shops in the city yet?!!!

Steve Farr – a massive Greggs?

But then – some potential uses:

A brewery
Mediaeval Market
A Mosque

I don’t know what it will be – but I hope that it will be something which changes the skyline of Nottingham!

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