Daily Mail facts (well approximate facts)

I am going to post some of the things we did at MIPIM last week tomorrow. But on Saturday the Daily Mail printed a ‘story’ about the “Jolly” of the MIPIM festival.

The Nottingham HQ is on the left ...

The Nottingham HQ is on the left …

You can read it here.

The paragraph about Nottingham says, “Team Nottingham, the delegation from Nottingham, took over as its headquarters the top floor of a bar overlooking the beach, paid for by private sector partners.

Three facts.

Fact One – “The top floor of a bar”. Well sort of – it was the first floor above a bar- there are three above the room hired. Not quite the ‘top’ then.

Fact Two “overlooking the beach”. Again, not quite. The beach is some way to the East of the restaurant. You can see the brutalist 1960’s architecture of the Palais De Festivals. And possibly some masts of yachts in the harbour. But not the beach.

Fact Three “the private sector paid for [the HQ]“. Well again, not quite. The private sector sponsored the attendance at the event – but those funds were not directly attributed to one part of the show or other. The Council funded part of the trip too. The private sector did pay for a drinks reception – at which there were over 200 Investors, developers and advisors.

I do realise that it is fairly pointless arguing with the National Press on this, but I do suggest that it a great pity when facts get in the way of a good story.

Back to the facts tomorrow!

5 comments on “Daily Mail facts (well approximate facts)

  1. The whole article is vile. They must be proud of such brilliant investigative journalism. It’s a desperate newspaper for bigots anyway.

      • THAT IS NOT HOW BUSINESS IS DONE TIM. The Daily Mail knows best. It’s done in darkened rooms by Middle Class white men from Surrey wearing suits with old pals from the golf club or Rotary.

  2. I like the bit about D2N2 sending “20 people” to the event. They’ve only got 6 staff…

  3. That must have been the wives, girlfriends, husbands and boyfriends I saw wandering around the Louis Vuitton shop spending on the company credit card?


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