The new Nottingham Station!

I was at the station last week just as the last of the contractors were variously cleaning down the windows and sweeping away the debris following months of major refurbishment.


The (new) station opened its doors today!

The station is an amazing example of Victorian railway splendour and looks as good today as when it opened in 1904. It is how railways Stations should be – imposing, grand and a statement. You need to know you have arrived. In 1904 it cost £1m to build!

Later this year the final transformation will be complete – when the lines 2 and 3 of the tram will be fully integrated with the station. It will truly be a transport hub fit for the next hundred years.

A couple of moans though:

1. Why oh why did the contractors not connect the station car park to the station? I know you can access ‘platform 7’ but it cannot have been beyond the wit of man to make a connection to the footbridge. Having to go outside when it is raining is so 19th century.

2. Can we please make Station Street accessible from London Road again? I know this ‘bus lane’ has been a great cash cow for those unlucky enough to get caught on the camera, but it makes no sense. It makes getting to this side of the Station difficult.

3. Can someone please make sure that the retail outlets in the station concourse are aspirational. Not Morrisons or WHSmith. Too late perhaps! This was surely a great chance to make something good.

Hopefully this will regenerate this area of town and we will see some redevelopment of the surrounding tat. We do deserve it…

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