It takes all sorts

I am in New York – the second time this year. I’ll be back again in a couple of weeks (more on that later as it is work related). But tonight (it’s still yesterday in NYC) we headed off to the Radio City Music Hall – to see Bastille.


It’s a cavernous place – holding 6,000 folks. Bastille have sold out two nights – impressive for a bunch of London boys.

One lady in front wasn’t as impressed though. Halfway through she whipped out an iPad and started playing Candy Crush Saga. I figure she was a reluctant parent looking after her two daughters.

Sadly there was no responsible adult in sight chaperoning the 16 year olds behind us tonight. I was taken back to 1987 when I saw A-Ha in Birmingham – my ears still bleed at the thought of the girls behind who yelled and screamed their way through the whole gig. And this happened again tonight. I was immersed in some sort of hormonal cesspit. Except this time it was to the tune of a shotgun New York delivery of drivel – “He’s so Human”, “I want him to sing at my Wedding”, “He is just so lush”. Ad nauseum. And loud. And then they screamed. Any dog within half a mile would have been sent cowering.

These were proper fans – they even knew the words (all of them) to songs the band had never played before…

Suddenly I realised that I must be getting old. There’s no need for comments to agree. All I can suggest is that I did go to the gig and danced and sang. In a conservative sensible sort of way.

Bastille were rather good though. Shame about the unofficial backing track.

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