Squeeze an ipad!

One of my favourite live bands of all time have embraced the ipad technology! I saw them at the Isle of Wight and am seeing them back in Nottingham later in the year.

Squeeze - at the Isle of Wight 2010

They are embracing the technology on the one hand (are they the first to play live with an ipad?) – but are still belting out this great song after all those years. Would I be sounding old by suggesting they don’t write stuff like this anymore? Or ‘up the junction”, or ‘cool for cats’… I could go on!

I first saw Squeeze in 1979 – and have seen them numerous times since. In my opinion Glen Tillbrook and Chris Difford deserve to be up with Lennon & McCartney in terms of song-writing. I can listen to them any time – and do. I think they are probably the most played in my car, by some stretch!

Thanks to my colleague, Simon Dare, who sent me this link. Play it loud!

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