I have moved!

After four and half years of the same view it was perhaps time for a change?

the view of my old desk from my new desk

My little team has grown to include Building Surveying and we have been on the recruitment drive. This is positive news for the firm, but the consequence was that we needed to move from our cluster of four desks into one of six. So when I say I have moved, I have – about four yards! And gained a spare desk – to spread out onto!

What I hadn’t realised was quite how much junk had accumulated in such a short space of time! I have never seen so many paperclips of different shapes, sizes and colours. And notepads – enough to make Hemingway jealous. I might write a novel in them. I have lots of USB and apple cables as well it seems. More than is healthy.

My new office hasn’t changed much, I think it is closer to the photocopier and printer by about 2 feet. The kitchen is slightly further away as is the little boys room. But it’s a tolerable walk.

I am going to have to get used to seeing everyone (and hearing everyone?) from my new spot. I couldn’t do that before. Nor could they see me I guess. We will all have to learn?

It was all quite painless really – the macbook and its accoutrements plugged together easily enough. Some of the stuff under the desk needed a bit of a waft down with a duster. And a dunk in some polish.

It was a fairly therapeutic exercise, but I am wondering what I am going to do with all those paperclips. I will raise the issue under the ‘paperclips and toilet rolls’ item on the next Board agenda…

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