Real United – a beacon of hope?

Just before I left for New York I met a really inspirational guy, Roger Henry. Roger is involved in Real United FC – which is a football project with a difference. It’s not just a ‘team’ though.

Real United FC are the first inner-city semi-professional football club in Nottingham. They are a project which goes beyond the football.

At the moment they are taking around 70 young people from St Anns, Radford and Hyson Green to Harvey Haddon Stadium to train in a safe envirnoment.They are hoping to move shortly to the Forest Recreation ground – making the transport much easier. I hope they get their way.

Roger explained to me that this is as much about mentoring the young people as it playing football.

They also offer workshops on substance abuse, knife and gun crime, gangs, sexual health and education / employment. Family intervention to resolve disputes and conflict is available.

The organisation also re-integrate offenders and work with the Youth Offending Team.

They currently have a workplace partner – Mercedes Benz Nottingham. Some of the young people on the project are offered work placement. This has to be applauded.

In fact the whole project is a fantastic idea. Anything that reduces crime on the streets of Nottingham must be good. Especially after the week we have had – with the renewed headlines which are not good for the place.

Sport can often give people a focus with structured training. Competition on a football field is better than a competition with knives must be a good thing?

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  1. A lots changed since this was written (Andy Real United Ladies 1st Team Manager)


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