Tamatanga – Nottingham – pretty good!

Just before I left for New York, I met my old friend and former client Nick Hammond for lunch in Nottingham. It’s always good to see him to reminisce about the old times – he worked at the former Castle College.

We have had some amazing meals over the years – in all sorts of places – New York, Boston, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Malmo and Hamburg to name but a few! We have also ‘done’ most of Nottingham’s too – Harts, World Service, Jamie’s and Carluccio’s!

It was apparently Nick’s turn to treat me – and he offered the Tamatanga Urban Canteen in The Cornerhouse. I have to confess I hadn’t heard of it. It’s not a part of town I tend to go.

In the heavy rain I arrived and he was already perched on one of the massive tables – which you share – I figured this was a canteen!

He recommended the food – we did Thai food – a main dish, rice and lots of smaller dishes. And a bottle of coke.

I was pleasantly surprised, the service was great – quick and efficient. The food was amazing. And incredibly – it was around £15 for us both!

I was reminded when we were sat there about one of the key findings of the work we did for the sheriff’s Commission back in 2009 – food featured highly in world-class attractions. One of the best meals we had was in the Farmers Market in Los Angeles – where it was cheap but really good quality.

Well done Tamatanga!

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