The Paris Motor Show….

For the second time this year I have been to a Motor Show – earlier in the year I managed the Geneva Show, but his weekend was Paris.

My son, Jak, and I headed out to Paris on Friday night and spent most of Saturday drooling over some of the most amazing cars on the planet! The Paris Motor Show was the launch-pad for a number of new cars – The new Golf, the Renault Clio Sport and, the star of the show, the new Jaguar F. I haven’t listed the McLaren P1 as thats just a silly car.

I was disappointed Jaguar didn’t show the new F at Geneva, it wasn’t ready apparently. It is an impressive bit of kit – and somehow I managed to sit in it – just before the exceptionally grumpy security guard came across tutting in his French accent. ‘Too late love’, I told him… I’ve sat in it now. Sadly it’s not really practical.

I get a change of car next year (we lease them) so I need to start thinking about what I should have. I Have never really recovered from losing my beloved Audi RS4. The current Mercedes E350 is nice but…

I can’t go back to BMW after my experience of a Friday afternoon 525d Sport – which eventually had to go back them. I can only hope they crushed it. Although it has to be said that the M1 looks pretty good!

The problem is I need something big enough to get my golf clubs in without bending them. Most of the time I just need one seat! It needs to be fast (I mean very fast). 0-60mph needs not to be measured in days – sub 6 seconds is ideal, sub 5 – perfect. I’m always in a hurry. I don’t need the engine cutting out at below 155mph ideally. Leather / alcantara is good. And toys – GPS / DAB radio – are critical. And did I mention fast?

Sadly I’m no further forward. The Maserati range looks ideal, but I need a lottery ticket I think.

The slight surprise was the Volvo V40 T5 – which was much better than I imagined.

So all that way – and no clear winner!

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