There’s no such thing as a free (garden waste collection)

Nottingham City Council send me a little magazine every so often. It’s called the Nottingham Arrow and extends to 24 pages – I know this because I read it cover to cover. Actually I don’t read it all – it normally goes in the bin. I know why the City produce it – its for those folks without email. I would prefer they sent me an email…

But the Autumn edition contains important information about bins. I have three. One for rubbish and the others for other rubbish. One is garden rubbish – its brown. The announcement proudly tells us that we mustn’t “forget that [your] free garden waste collection stops over the winter months. Free. Zip. Nada. Zero. Zilch.

How come it’s free to me?

I know it saves the Council £180,000 each year not to collect those pesky autumn leaves until next April.

But I do wonder who is paying if it’s not me? Are the council doing this out of the goodness of their hearts? Clearly as a local ratepayer i’m not paying – as it’s free?

I don’t mind a bit of spin or poetic licence – but I think this might be pushing the bounds just a little bit!

Everything the City Council do – the Ratepayer pays for. Period.

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  1. Count yourself lucky Tim, up here in the rainy north west we have 4 bins plus a disgusting little green slop bucket. Said bucket is where we have to put our food waste, in a plastic bag ( which can be reycled apparently) When bag is full it has to go in our big green garden waste bin. These bins are emptied every week if you put them out. There is no such thing as a free waste collection be your bin green, brown or pink. The Nottingham Council kindly send you their biased labour propaganda in the Nottingham Arrrow and guess who pays for it? Yes you do! Same as that “free” waste collection. No such thing as a free lunch………unless you are a politician.


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