Shopping Centres – too big to fill?

Last week there was a report by Exane BNP Parabis who are a Rating Agency – they rated Intu a sell at 300p – the group lost 3p to 328p. Intu, of course own Nottingham’s Broadmarsh and Victoria Centre’s. They are estimated control around 70% of the Nottingham retail floorspace.


This isn’t great news – I am not celebrating their loss in share value.

But in the release there was an interesting statement – “Intu Properties could be hit by more retailers shutting stores” and “Fundamental outlook has clearly got better with commercial real estate prices ending their 18-month losing streak,” but it questioned whether Intu’s centres are “too big to fill”.

I suggested last week that there seems to be a little more confidence about – but the store closures continue. And the analysts think the centres are “too big to fill“.

When are we going to realise that we have too many shops? We have to find a better solution and come to terms with the fact that the High Street is in terminal decline. If we don’t act soon the odd gappy teeth will require full dentures.

I know I’m going to blog more about this later in the week! I have a very interesting lunch in London on Thursday …

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  1. Hi Tim , anything interesting you are able to share about your lunch meeting yesterday ?

    • I met Bill Grimsey yesterday – author of Sold Out. I have lots to tell, and will write at least one blog for next week – there is so much stuff that I’m still processing it!


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