Coffee for rent?

No sooner have we all got used to seeing people (like me) working in our local Costa or Starbucks than someone has to go and spoil the party.


Obviously the ordering of a medium capp or grande latte carries with it a small price for some free wifi. That’s why the tables are now generally occupied by laptops and iPads (apparently other makes are available). Coffee equals rent. Everyone knows that nothing is ever for free.

My local Costa has become more akin to a modern office – with people spreading papers, phones and wifi enabled devices out. And why not – the coffee is good, the seats are comfy and you tend not to get disturbed* by colleagues who want to know if you ‘just have a minute‘.

But there is a shift. It seems we are having too much of a good thing and, apparently, the sort of territorial behaviour we have seen is unsociable and effecting coffee sales. So, in America, there are signs that wifi is being turned off.

It can only be a matter of time before they start (or stop) this here?

This will be a backward step; how will I be able to start my day?

*some of my colleagues believe I am already disturbed.

2 comments on “Coffee for rent?

  1. “Do you want chocolate sprinkles on your cappuccino?”
    “No, just the wifi, thanks. “

    • How dare they take this
      ‘Life essential’ away? Might as well take the chairs out – that’ll stop people ‘dwelling’ too long!


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