Grimsey – the storm continues…

You probably know if you drop by here that I met Bill Grimsey a couple of months ago and was partly involved in getting him to use Nottingham as a ‘study’ in his published report on the High Street.


Last week there was something of an attack on Bill from High Street Minister Brandon Lewis – you can read the story here. In essence he said the report was, ‘a load of crap’. Lewis instead backed Mary Portas – saying that Council’s should follow her lead in her pilot programmes (remember them? – thought not).

Lewis was supposed to meet Grimsey on Tuesday but cancelled at late notice. I can’t imagine why!

Meanwhile Portas is apparently being gradually dropped by everyone apart from Lewis. You can read the amusing take from the Daily Mail here. Some tragic revelations – she wasn’t doing the work for free, four towns in the pilot she didn’t visit and ten out of twelve Portas towns have an increase in vacant shops!

I was never a fan of the portas report – in fact I blogged about it here. I thought it was ill-conceived and lacked any depth.

What I find surprising about Lewis’ attack is that he cannot heave really read the Grimsey report. It is bold and it is pragmatic. Having had the privilege of showing Bill around Nottingham it is clear that he has a grasp for retailing – he spotted the holes in the place. The report contains a plan – but it admits that you cannot change things overnight.

I wonder if Lewis (as a qualified lawyer) has the experience to know about retailing? Or is he just a headline grabber.

If I had to put my faith in one of these two people to come up with a plan for the future of our High Street it won’t take me long to decide where my money is going … and it’s not an MP…

As to whether it is appropriate for Brandon Lewis to use the sort of language he did – perhaps that is a sign of the times? I guess he’ll be preaching with the best of the Politicians next about the lack of respect of young people and slipping standards ad nausueum. It’s enough to make you feel sick!

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