The best phone for business?

Our mobile telephone contract at work is coming up for renewal later in the year. I know because I’m being offered all manner of enviable never to be seen again deals by countless companies. I know who they are when they call as the call always starts with ‘how is your day today’. As if they care really?


Since the initial iPhone was introduced that is what the business has had, across the board. We are on iphone5’s at the moment; rumours of an iPhone6 abound. The anticipated release date is September – so our contract timing might be good.

I like my iPhone as it is fairly bullet proof. It also syncs nicely with all of my mac gear. It is easy. But the battery life is nothing short of appalling – I think perhaps 6 or 7 hours at best.

And it has really lost its excitement factor. It is fairly boring.

At the weekend I had a look around the competition – and the Samsung Galaxy is clearly way out in the lead. Apple must be terrified of them. The screen is better, the camera so too. OK, it doesn’t run IOS but you are not tied to the Apple Store where Apple have a stranglehold on what you download and buy.

I have decided to try the Samsung as an experiment over the next few months. I’ll let you know how I get on…

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  1. I am genuinely shocked. Apple are really losing their way if one of their biggest fans is wandering around looking at alternatives! But you’re right, they are hardly pulling up any trees with their latest designs are they?

    • John, they used to be exciting must have products. To an extent the laptops are (I wouldn’t give up my MAcBook Air for anything else). But the other phone companies have better products – some may have gimmicks but the reality is that they are more exciting? The design element has remained the same for 5 years? The iPhone6 needs to be a game changer…

  2. ı also using blackberry’s smart phone in my bussines life. Iphone or samsung are more useless than Blackberry. Blackberry are designed for bussines life. It has got many functions.

    • I did have a Blackberry at one time – but carrying two devices became an issue! I know that has changed. The reality is my iPhone5s does work pretty well for business – but it no longer feels cutting edge…

      • In my opinion, Blackberry has made bad expreinces on who use blackberry. But blackberry has changed with os10. Os10 more useful other Blackberry devices. Iphone is not bussines phone.

      • In my opinion, Blackberry has made bad experiences on who use blackberry. But they worked and published os10. Os 10 is a revolution in ‘smartphone world’. Why is revolution? As it has Blackberry Balance. Blackberry Balance is in the same phone 2 option to use.Work and Private using. It doesn’t required carrying 2 phones.

  3. I honestly think that if Apple could crack the battery life issue, they would make many more friends and they may even overlook some of the other ‘me too’ issues. If I am going to be out for a day away from a charger, then I have to have an external battery charger with me. That’s just not good enough. My tiny crappy Nokia would last 3-4 days!

  4. Bit of an earthquake, Mr G?
    My brood are all Samsung (S3s) and while I like the screen size and speed, I can’t cope with Android at all. Just too fussy. And Samsungs generally just feel a bit cheap? Mrs B looked at an S4 but didn’t bother because it didn’t really offer anything worth paying more for.
    I’m sticking with my iPhone 4S at least until the autumn in the hope that Apple will recognise that people are now doing much more on the move than they were when the first appeared (an issue which I don’t think the iPhone 5 addresses).
    I love the functionality & simplicity of iOS, I like a phone that talks to my iPad. I don’t like Apple’s problem solving (it doesn’t) and a business which has been all about game changing needs to do it again.

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