Happy Christmas!

You will have guessed that life has been a bit busy again! And the blog took a back seat.


So that you can feel really sorry for me – I’m still working today…

The blog is taking a bit of a scheduled rest – until early January.

Im 99% sure it will be back.

But I also may have a slightly new angle for it – which I have been thinking about for the last few months. I won’t spoil the surprise – but you can be sure it will be centred on Nottingham, will have a lot to do with property, be positive as much as I can be … and perhaps start to get us to think of a better way forward for the City. I have probably said too much…

Then again, it could be just back to the grumpy old man. Which I think I am perfectly suited to.

Finally, I wish all of my visitors a very Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year – and I’ll see you on the 6th January 2014.

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