Welcome back!

So, that’s 2013 put to bed. Off we go again – hurtling headlong into to 2014.


I think we finished 2013 on a bit go a higher note than recent years – so let’s hope that wave of confidence carries on. As the saying goes, there is much to do!

So where are heading?

In terms of my professional life – I think this will be a good year – challenging but good. As the feel good factor continues we should see a ripple out from London into the regions. In fact one of the messages you might see is that London is over-heating – why not come somewhere cooler! More on that theme later – particularly around MIPIM in March.

My role at the Squash Club is set to be a little more challenging as we continue to try to attract people to this brilliant sport. The Clubs premiership team won’t win – but if we carry on the way we have played over the last few matches we might make the play-offs. Then the big event of the the year will be that we are hosting the European Club Championships in September. Up to 30 teams from across Europe will come to the Park to compete. I seem to have acquired the title “Tournament Director”.

I said I would think carefully about the blog. I have considered giving it a bit of a longer rest – but still think it has a place in my life. When I look back at the last year and what I have covered there is still a lot about Nottingham – not always complimentary. But always from a perspective that we can do better. So that is going to continue- but I am going to try and push Nottingham into a business plan as envisaged by Bill Grimsey. Even if I have to start writing it here! And thats where you come in – this is not my Business Plan – I think the people who tend to drop by here and stay / comment are all on the scale of interested / passionate about the City. More on that tomorrow …

Oh and finally, there will be those little things I come across that amuse or irritate me!

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