A technology update…

There’s a couple of updates today on my digital life!

Taken on SamsungS5 - impressive detail - look at the East Midlands Airport control tower on the horizon!

Taken on SamsungS5 – impressive detail – look at the East Midlands Airport control tower on the horizon!

I’ve had a Samsung S5 for the last month – and as promised a brief update… I’m not a huge fan.

Without doubt the camera is better and unquestionably the battery is heaps better than the iPhone. I get home and still have a third power reining having not charged the phone at all in the day. My iPhone would be charged in the car and at my desk! And would still struggle to live through the evening.

But there the good stops. The screen is bigger! But I’m not sure it is much better than the iPhone (although some of the animations are quite cool!). The biggest problem I have is with the operating system. It is a bit notch pitch. It doesn’t fit neatly together. My iPhone synchronised easily with all of my mac gear. The Samsung doesn’t. I miss the iPhoto stream the most!

The joy of Apple is that you don’t have to think. It just does. The Samsung does – but you have to tell it…

I really do hope that the Iphone6 is launched in September – normal service will resume! So long as they sort the battery!

My other attempt at the start of the year was to go as paperless as I could. I was using ‘Day One’ as a notebook. I like it – but it isn’t terribly convenient and I can’t scribble or sketch. I didn’t realises just how much I do! So I’m back to my trusty Leuchtturm1907 notebook. However, I have one with ‘whitelines‘ technology. So I can scribble, sketch and doodle – take a picture on the phone and the ‘image’ appears in dropbox or on Evernote.

It looks like I might have to write a bit neater!!

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6 comments on “A technology update…

  1. It’s liking waking from a nightmare – Garratt’s back on Apple!
    Which leaves one question hanging: where can we get these hi-tech notepads from?

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  3. The nightmare Mr Baker is switching my TV on to see you giggling over some ‘naughty hampers’ for sale in this fair city. That is a nightmare.
    The notebooks are on line through Amazonian Forest dot com – other outlets are available…

    • It is a truly terrifying experience – you now being a celebrity. I feel honoured to know you. Just don’t forget your roots – the grey ones….

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