Normal Service Has Been Resumed

I am wring a formal apology to Apple this morning. I was became lost in the wilderness and moved to the dark-side for a short period. I dared to imagine that the Galaxy S5 was going to be a suitable replacement for the humble iPhone. I even wrote about it here.


It was a mistake.

A big one.

So after just over two months I have returned to the promised land and have a new Apple iPhone 5S. The Galaxy is back in it’s box where I think it will remain.

The good, the bad and the ugly?

Well in fairness the Galaxy has a great screen and a brilliant camera – each better than Apple. The battery life is really good too. The bad – the operating system (OS). It is awful – clunky and slow. It all seems rather disconnected. The ugly – the lack of synchronisation between Apps. Apple were always criticised for their stranglehold on the OS – and that they wouldn’t let you hack things. I now see why. I’m back in a world where everything just works.

The screen size is quite small – and hopefully the 6 will address this. But overall the fact that everything just neatly fits together is just brilliant.

Welcome back me.

3 comments on “Normal Service Has Been Resumed

  1. Tim I wish you had chosen a ‘Pure’ android device from Google’s Nexus line-up (Nexus 5) Samsung have a lot to answer for with their ‘customisations’ – might have been a different story.


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