Squash – round up

I went back to work for a bit of a rest last week; virtually a week of running the European Club Championships was quite an undertaking. It took an enormous amount of effort on the part of many people. By all accounts it was a success.


You can see all of the results here – and see hundreds of images taken at the event.

We saw some inspiring squash in the week – by some world class players. Nick Matthew, Adrian Grant, Simon Rosner all featured. As did Laura Massaro. These are players at the top of their game – if this had been tennis this was the equivalent of Roger Federer coming to Nottingham!

But this is squash and doesn’t have the kudos of tennis. We have to work much harder as a sport to get the coverage. We are trying to do this.

These pro’s were a credit to the sport. Nick and Laura are ‘celebrities’ on the circuit – both have world rankings of 2. Both won medals at the Commonwealth Games and yet they happily posed for photographs and gave autographs freely. I know that this sometimes gets in the way of the training and pre-match rituals – but neither complained once.

In fact, Laura played one of our mad keen juniors – just one game. But without doubt this made Olivia’s day – and possibly year. These moments are priceless and, in my view, were the real highlight of the tournament.

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