United Kingdom – or not?

I generally avoid Politics here – especially where I can’t make much difference. But the Scotland decision is here. For the last week or so the campaigns have been on a knife edge – a 50:50 split seems to be the order of the day. Most of the surveys tend to ignore the ‘don’t knows’ – so they don’t really know.


We will know the outcome shortly…

My real concern here relates to the great unknown. It looks to me that people are being asked to take a decision for a long term future (with a one-way street) but they don’t have the full details of how it might (or might not) work. The arguments about currency are a case in point – so if Whitehall decide not to let Scotland use the pound what will they do? I’m not saying that you should say ‘no’ on this basis – simply that it is critical, surely, to have these sort of issues resolved.

What does seem clear is that this is the way of Government. We don’t think anything through. We put in place policies (or ideas mostly) without proper thought about how the detail will work. And the Scottish referendum just highlights this. Perhaps this is what Parliament wants – leave enough doubt to let people choose the ‘safe’ route – keep the status quo?

But this vote could have a number of people follow their heart not their head. It could be an emotive judgement without worrying about what the future looks like in detail.

I don’t really think anyone wins here?

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