Iphone6 and a watch…

Our timing at work is impeccable. Our contract expires with Vodaphone in a weeks time. This coincides with the launch of the new iPhone! This means we get to have some new toys to play with. And after my disastrous flirtation with the Samsung I can’t wait to get my hands on an iPhone 6 plus!


I’m hopeful that Apple have finally listened to us about the appalling battery life of my 5s. Because other than that it is pretty much perfect. And a new bigger screen should be a welcome addition to the feature list. Perhaps that’s my age?

It also looks like our new contract will be on the 4G network. I’ve been playing with a borrowed data card for the last few weeks – it’s amazing!

But there is also a much leaked and unsurprising toy for 2015 – the Apple Watch. Wearable tech as the moniker goes has really failed to catch on. I have a Jawbone UP – which is great for monitoring steps and sleep (!) but has limited features after that. Other tech bracelets and watches just don’t seem to have caught the publics imagination.

But if anyone can buck the trend it is likely to be Apple. They have a habit of making things that you never really wanted and making you want them. I definitely want an Apple Watch!

And with the watch sci-fi really does come to life. This sort of device was in the comics when I was a kid (a couple of weeks ago according to some) – but is now (nearly) reality. Making calls from a watch? Reading a letter (aka email) on your watch? And amazingly telling the time too?

I think they will buck the trend – but which model will I choose…

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