Nottingham Contemporary – happy birthday!

I have been a bit tardy in getting this blog out. Caused by a diversion via Manhattan, The Bronx, Blyth and Blackpool.


It seems incredible to think that the Nottingham Contemporary gallery is celebrating its 5th birthday. I have to confess that due to a number of diary clashes I haven’t been to the last couple of exhibitions.

But this was put right last Friday – I went to the Directors Tour of Raphael Hefti and Agnieszka Polska. The exhibition runs to 5th January.

Both artists were at the opening and were able to explain some of their work – and their practices.

Hefti is from Zurich and works with ‘building materials’, Polska hails from Poland and is a video artist. I have to confess that I preferred the former!

Hefti has a number of pieces which are almost industrial in nature. The huge prints are brilliant – and reminded me of map-like images – or views from another world. They are created from chemical reactions of ‘witch powder’ on light sensitive photographic paper.

It was good to see so many people at the opening – and to see the gallery go from strength to strength. It has, in five years, become an integral of the fabric Nottingham. I am constantly told that it has put Nottingham on the map. It is a great news story.

On top of that it has been named as the most exciting gallery in the UK.

I can’t believe that five years have gone – there have been some great exhibitions – and I’m sure, many more to come…

Happy Birthday Nottingham Contemporary!

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