Champagne Celebrations?

I write this post in hope.

This morning – just after rush hour has finished my life will improve beyond recognition. After around 18 months of misery, we will be able to turn right into and out of NG2 – where my office is based. This may seem a small thing to you – but this is a huge step for us.


The right turn in / out was last promised us as being ‘in October’ – but frankly a few days into November makes no difference. And the timetables issued by NET are generally to be ignored. The first trams might be running by Easter apparently. So much for pre-Christmas.

I have tried to be supportive of this project but it really is trying the business communities patience. We have been paying the Workplace Parking Levy (tax) for three years with no upside. The burden without the benefit. My working day has been, I conservatively estimate, extended by an hour each day as I sit in traffic jams – and drive miles extra to get places. And this has been for over a year. This is not good for business. Like most people I am happy to try to see the long-term benefit – but this is now wearing thin.

I have watched at close quarters the laughable ‘progress’ on the NG2 business park. Tracks laid, taken up and re-laid. A station shelter fitted then taken down – it’s back again. The NG2 sign was delivered a few months ago – this lies in the mud. Lots of men then very few men. Plenty of sucking through teeth.

I have heard on more than one occasion the contractors have a considerable financial penalty for late delivery. The Post suggested it could be £150,000 per day – but who pays and who gets it are ‘commercially confidential’. I think we do have a right to know. And I think that the recipient of the sum should seriously consider giving something back to those of who have suffered.

Sadly my hope runs out there.

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