The Champagne is on ice…

My last blog post was a little hopeful. As at a few moments ago the right turn in and out of NG2 had still not opened. In fact it looks as much of a mess as it has for the last 18 months.

At least the place isn’t littered with workmen – juts a handful resting on their shovels.

In fairness the NET team did caveat their note to me on Friday by saying the junction would only open if it was deemed safe by the County Council. I figure that this is what is coming next – ‘it’s their fault‘.

The champagne is on ice then for the time being. And another promise is broken. Another deadline goes speeding by.

UPDATE 3pm – from the NET office:

Sorry Tim, but the Highway Authority weren’t happy that enough of the footpaths around the junction had been completed properly to enable pedestrians to use the crossing facilities safely. TWA are therefore carrying out more surfacing etc. They have now advised that, subject to a further inspection by the HA, that the traffic lights will be switched on, on Wednesday. We are as frustrated as you are and can only apologise for them, again.

Wednesday then – 1 minute to midnight?


I wasn’t far wrong – the right turn was opened today. We were going to hold the street party and I’m sure there was some bunting in the back of my car…

For the first time in 18 months I have been able to turn properly in and out of my office. Life feels so good.

2 comments on “The Champagne is on ice…

  1. I blame Spuddey – he said this might happen.
    It’ll be almost a shame actually – I’ve so enjoyed continuing down Queen’s Drive, then turning right, then doing a three-point turn, then waiting to get back on to Queen’s Drive, then turning into NG2, then having to stop while they manoeuvre a lorry, then missing the turn because it’s moved, then being late for my appointment. What’s the problem with that?


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