The iPhone6 plus

People who know me well are aware that (a) I am an Apple evangelist and, (b) I once ventured for a few weeks to the dark side of Samsung. But I’m ok now. Fully recovered. I blogged about the blip here.


For the last three weeks I have had an iPhone 6 – plus (a bit like the Burger King Supersize me). In that time it has been with me across the pond in the USA, three days in London and a trip ‘up North’.

And I can confirm:

1. It did’t bend at all. Not even a teeny bit.

2. The battery is better than the old iPhone5s – it lasts a whole day without charge. I charge it overnight.

3. The camera is superb – especially the time-lapse setting!

4. It worked out of the box – and all of my settings were there. The first time. Unfortunately on the second install (EE had sent a 16gB version and we had paid for a 64gB) it wasn’t as happy and took a bit more faff.

5. The screen is brilliant. I have big hands so the stretching for buttons is not an issue. My home screen has more apps.

Some of my colleagues have elected for the normal and smaller iPhone6 – but I’m delighted with the new bit of kit.

The next problem is going to be the watch. I have a number of watches and hanker after an Omega Speedster Moon Watch – but the new Apple Watch looks rather tempting? I see a problem on the horizon!


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