The Muppet Show….

This is superb. WARNING – it contains adult language.

Having been the victim of the Tram works for the last 12 months at NG2 I can fully understand where they are coming from!

An interesting marketing approach?

I mentioned my ‘watch search’ last week. And I am always on the lookout for a new camera – I still have ‘a few’. But I don’t own the Rolls Royce of cameras – a Leica.

They have a new advert. It’s long. I don’t suggest you watch it all – unless you really have nothing better to do!

In effect a technician spends 45 minutes polish in the new Leica T.

As someone suggested I wonder if Dulux might be following suite soon with a the ‘watching paint dry’ version?

I can’t work out if I think this is clever or not!

Why you must have a dash-cam

The new GoPro cameras are fantastic and can produce TV quality images. Apparently in Russia they are fitted to lots of cars.

There is a reason – they can produce film type stunt scenes in real life.

My mate Matt Dunn at the squash club sent me this little compiliation – which I feel compelled to share!

You have to watch this selection on video to believe it. And you will wince – repeatedly… Apparently no one was injured in the making of these clips. Well, not that they’ll admit.

Bowie – never afraid to push the boundaries

So the second single from the new album is out – and I prefer it to the first.

But, as is now necessary, you need a video to promote the song. But being Bowie, not just any video. This is a mini film. Beautifully shot, slightly off the wall but memorable. I love it!

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Ba Ba Bank Robbery

I can’t work out if this is a joke, but Hannah Sabata, a York County Nebraska Teenager not only robs a bank but then posts a video on YouTube bragging about it? Big and clever – not on either count.

I think it is normally this time of year we get the Darwin Awards – and this has to be a viable contender?

Hannah is currently serving time after the cops managed to find some evidence?

Hannah refers to the day as the “best day of my life.” No kidding.

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New NHS Miracle Cure?

it seems the NHS have fallen upon a new miracle cure for patients. If you are unfortunate enough to be admitted to hospital, they wheel out a new all-ecompassing fight against all known illnesses and diseases…

We have ways Mr Kubrick of making you watch the handsome Health Secretary

A 3 minute looping video of Health Secretary Andrew Lansley telling you that ‘your care really matters to me’ and then asking you to be nice to hospital staff. Its a 3 minute epic and is looped. As far as I can see it is compulsory too – unless you part with £5 to subscribe to the TV, internet and email – each day you are there.

This is genius – firstly listening to a Politician talking at you whilst you are captive must have the effect of making you way to get out of the bed and away from him as soon as possible – hence the miracle cure. I guess it’s the only way anyone ever listens to an MP – if they can’t get away?

But the alternative thought is that this is a brilliant way of generating cash for the NHS. You actually have to pay to turn him off. I can’t imagine anything worse than listening to an MP lecturing you about how important a (reluctant) customer you are – but reminding you to be pleasant and appreciative to everyone who wanders up to you.

I think this could be taken further. I am wondering if we could persuade Vince to do a slot on Business Finance for those who can’t sleep. Some others could be used for alternative therapies – perhaps Liam Fox on making new friends whilst you are in hospital?

I think I would be in hospital for longer if I saw the film – from injuries sustained whilst (stupidly) punching a TV monitor?

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