Not long now for Jamies Italian in Nottingham

Ove the New Year period we were in Oxford and ate in Jamie Olivers Italian restaurant.

Jamies Italian in Oxford

It was great – really good food at reasonable prices – around £60 for two – including wine. There was a small queue when we arrived – which would normally put me off, but within ten minutes we were at the bar and ten minutes after that sat at our table. As you might expect it’s a modest place with the emphasis on the food rather than 5* surroundings.

There was no rush to the place – which I hadn’t expected. The customer base was a real mix of ages. The staff were attentive but not fussy.

The food choice doesn’t include pizza – perhaps surprisingly. But there is plenty of fresh pasta. The home made bread was first class.

My colleague, Matt Hannah, guest blogged about Jamie coming to Nottingham before.

It now looks like the restaurant is to open at the end of January / early February. They are recruiting staff at the moment. The story is that Jamie has spent around £1.5 million preparing the former Jass Interiors premises on Low Pavement for service.

I think the new restaurant will be a huge success for Jamie, but also for Nottingham. We have great restaurants, but I think this offer sits nicely below World Service and Harts – both of which are great but slightly more formal.

The only question will be whether Nottingham folk will queue…time will tell!

UPDATE 10 JAN 2011

I had an email from Jamie’s folks today confirming that they will open in early February. They are not having an opening night – so we all need to keep our eyes peeled for the actual date!

20 comments on “Not long now for Jamies Italian in Nottingham

  1. As you mention, if it is good food at reasonable prices, people will queue – Wagamamas springs to mind. Also if you you visit Cornwall, queuing for a table at Jamie’s Fifteen or Rick Steins pub is the norm.
    As a big foodie, I can’t wait.

    But what I am interested to know is your thoughts on the new logo for your favourite coffee company ?

    • Paul – I think it is interesting as to whether people will queue – I’m not convinced!

      As to Starbucks Logo – I love it. And the best thing of all – the coffee is still the same!

      trust you are well!!


  2. I had heard that Jamie Oliver was having an opening night to open his new Nottingham restaurant and that JLS and Olly Murs were to be star guests. Can you confirm whether this is true?

    • Kollette, I emailed Jamie’s just after Christmas to find out if I could get a table on opening night and was told that you couldn’t book for parties of less than six, but that the date had not been announced. As for JLS and Olly Murs, surely JO has better taste than that?! Tim

  3. Does anyone know the exact date of the opening of Jamie’s Nottingham restaurant yet? I’ve been asked to keep a look out for an ‘opening night’, and book a table. Thanks.

    • Karen, we are all in the same boat – the final fit-out work was being carried out last week. Staff are employed (I know of one person!) But the date seems to be a secret! The email I had from the head office said “late January / early February” – which is now!

  4. Great news! Is it possible to book, or is it queue only? My dad’s birthday is on the 16th and he would love to go.

    • Hi Claire – I’m not 100% sure, but in Oxford the rule was that you can book for tables of eight, but any less you queue! I am guessing it will be the same in Nottingham….

      But the queue in Oxford was relatively quick and the wait was well worth it!!

  5. Hi – does anyone know if Jamie’s in Nottingham is opening tonight? The article from the Evening Post was from 11 January, then opening date was postponed, and today someone told me that a supplement published in the Evening Post on Friday 4 February still said opening night was 7 February, so am confused as to whether this is happening or not!

    • That email address doesn’t work! I was given it by Jamies reception today…. Suggest anyone booking goes through the website – which was painless!

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