The Marty McFly hoax and a grumpy Architect?

Last week Sue Churchill at Church Lukas felt the need to pull me up for my incorrectly placed apostrophe. It had been annoying her – even if it hadn’t been annoying you! I have moved it but not sure you have noticed?

Sue didn’t just rant at the apostrophe, she suggested we were now in the future – according to a Facebook campaign. The Facebook picture had actually been doctored with photoshop – everyone knows Marty went “Back to the Future’ in 2015. The scam was uncovered here.

But it did raise an interesting point – about 1985 – when he left. And today…

We don’t have the cool hovering skateboard yet. Or a flying car for the masses. Or dehydrated pizza…

But think of the stuff we do have – the iPad, a phone which talking on underestimates it’s real use!, GPS and digital mapping, digital photography for almost everyone, electric cars … and the list goes on. Our advances in technology seem huge when you think back to 1985 – in my office we had just acquired an Amstrad PCW – which had a floppy drive and 256k of RAM. There was much excitement at this technology. Today there is more technology in your watch!

To think that less than thirty years later I can ‘write a letter which includes a video’ and send it to someone across the world in seconds, without being near a power source is incredible. Sometimes we are impatient for new technologies, but you only have to look back to realise just how far we have come.

Even if we don’t have hovering skateboards? Which I most definitely want. Apple please take note!

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