Small houses – and then some!

We know that in the UK we are building smaller and smaller houses – especially against the European model. In fact my clients at UKR are trying to buck that trend by building apartments that ooze space. Big is better – size does matter?

But just when you thought a new average UK house was tiny – up popped The Keret house in Warsaw Poland. It’s named after Israeli writer Etgar Keret, who heads the project and will live in the house on and off for a year.

It is basically a house wedged between two ‘normal’ buildings. It is 1.22m wide at its fattest and 72cm at its thinnest. There’s no room for a staircase – just a ladder. The toilet doubles as a shower! There’s no king-size bed here.

Hat’s off to Polish architect Jakub Szczesny for squeezing a house into a crack between two buildings.

And it has a total footprint of 14m2. Which is about the size of an average living room.

The PR suggests that it is a pice of art rather than building. I think they might be right.

Not sure this one’s for me – It looks like living on a staircase?

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