Global domination

Last week I was asked if I was trying to dominate the world – my name had been spotted by one of my neighbours on a sale board in Buxton!


I have written an article for my professional magazine ‘Modus’ on the reach and power of social media – like the wee blog you are reading. And twitter.

You might remember I managed to get a picture published in the Daily Mirror after I had taken a picture in a toilet on a train. Although on face value this sounds incredibly sordid it wasn’t – as you can see.

Buxton is a good drive – but Tokyo is further. It seems that my picture has reached the other side of the world. I gave permission in the week for Nippon TV to use the image!

Ms. Suzuki (I kid you not) has asked for a Licence:

- Program Title: Sekai Banzuke
– Broadcaster: Nippon Television Network
– Territory: Japan Only
– Air date: June 27, 2014
– No. of transmission: One time

It’s a whole programme about … toilets.

So if you’re in Japan (only) on 27 June – watch Sekai Banzuke. You might just spot my picture. If you want to try a taste of the programme – click here.

Global domination indeed.

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