Nottingham and Milan…

Nottingham artist and sculptor Wolfgang Buttress has had his design selected for the UK pavilion at the Milan 2015 Expo.

He is based out in Lady Bay south of the City and works in public art. Some of his work can be seen here.

I think this is a great concept and shows again Talented Nottingham!

The design notes: As people enter the UK pavilion they will be greeted by an orchard of British fruit trees. Apples and pears are particularly significant to the UK national identity and collective consciousness. The queuing area is sited within this courtyard orchard, evocative of an English walled-garden. Gabions filled with rejected/broken/reused bricks reinforce this suggestion. Visitors can view a live video feed from a real beehive integrated into a sculptural cor ten wall before they enter the meadow above.

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