The Fly BE rip off

I have to travel on business to Jersey at the end of the month with a colleague. We have clients in St Helier and we need to see them about a number of their property assets. Last time they came to us – it is our turn to go to them.


After having booked two flights for a day trip (It is a long day!) we, unfortunately heard form the client that he had been called away unexpectedly. We needed to re-arrange for two days later.

I have no issue with paying the difference in the flight costs – in this case £9.00 for each of us. I don’t even mind if Fly BE needed some recompense for some sort of administration fee. But the latter was £140. This is nothing short of outrageous. The whole change was done by me on-line. There was no necessity to speak to anyone. I did the work – a few clicks and a credit card number.

I do realise that there will be plenty of small-print which if I could be bothered to read I would be proven to be required to part with cash for a minor change. But the costs are disproportionate. The airline have lost nothing – we are still flying with them – just 48 hours later. It’s the same time flights from the same airport.

The flights were not cheap – £275 each – now that climbs to nearly £360! And we don’t have guaranteed seats or any baggage allowance…

It does leave a sour taste when you know you have been ripped off. Well and truly.

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    Hope you won’t be flying with this pilot! Never yet flown with Flybe and now very very unlikely to. This company seems to put equal opportunities above the safety of its passengers! Quite how any pilot can be allowed to be in charge of an aircraft with a false arm beggars belief and this particular incident demonstrates the very clear dangers of doing so!


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