Get out of ‘jail’ card

In the Nottingham Post on Saturday was a story which I couldn’t pass on. It is the story of an everyday Police Officer (well a PCSO) who parked their van to respond to an ‘enquiry’ but then went shopping.


This was all fine except that the Police van was left on double yellow lines…

I quote the Police’s response from the Post,

“A police vehicle, being used by the local Safer Neighbourhood Team, was legitimately parked on double yellow lines while two Police Community Support Officers made inquiries in relation to a missing person. The vehicle was not causing any obstruction, however, after completing their inquiries the officers briefly attended a nearby shop to purchase some items before returning to the van. This was a momentary lapse of judgement for which the officers have received advice.”

It seems to me that there are two alternatives here.

Firstly the Officers are fined just like you and I would be. Its £70 – reduced to £35 if paid within 14 days.

Alternatively, we are all permitted a little indiscretion from time to time – making sure we don’t cause an obstruction, having a momentary lapse of judgement (something I am sure won’t be lost on our traffic wardens) and then we accept ‘advice’ (like a slap on the legs).

I favour the first option as I think the probability of us getting away with the second one are slim…

Nottingham’s parking problem

I have a had a post in my my mind for some time. During last half-term break I had to go into Nottingham for a meeting. It was a mistake as the place was rammed – there were major queues for the main car parks. I got pushed into the NCP car park on Stoney Street in The Lace Market.

I arrived at 12:56 and left at 15:00 – 2 hours and four minutes. The fee?


Ten Pounds and Fifty Pence.

I had to double take the machine,. I didn’t carry that much cash (must be my Royal lineage?) So the credit card was used for which NCP charged me another 26p for the privilege!

I didn’t blog this at the time as I thought you might think I was a grumpy old man…


But then in the week my son Jak sent me this brilliant picture he took – near the top of Maid Marian Way.

It is a case of utterly brilliant ‘yellow-lining’. Clearly anyone who could wedge a car in that gap deserves a ticket. But when you look I’m not even sure a smart car could find its way in there!

Brilliant. I’ll know not to park there…