Get out of ‘jail’ card

In the Nottingham Post on Saturday was a story which I couldn’t pass on. It is the story of an everyday Police Officer (well a PCSO) who parked their van to respond to an ‘enquiry’ but then went shopping.


This was all fine except that the Police van was left on double yellow lines…

I quote the Police’s response from the Post,

“A police vehicle, being used by the local Safer Neighbourhood Team, was legitimately parked on double yellow lines while two Police Community Support Officers made inquiries in relation to a missing person. The vehicle was not causing any obstruction, however, after completing their inquiries the officers briefly attended a nearby shop to purchase some items before returning to the van. This was a momentary lapse of judgement for which the officers have received advice.”

It seems to me that there are two alternatives here.

Firstly the Officers are fined just like you and I would be. Its £70 – reduced to £35 if paid within 14 days.

Alternatively, we are all permitted a little indiscretion from time to time – making sure we don’t cause an obstruction, having a momentary lapse of judgement (something I am sure won’t be lost on our traffic wardens) and then we accept ‘advice’ (like a slap on the legs).

I favour the first option as I think the probability of us getting away with the second one are slim…

Nottingham hates cars part 2 (or 3?)

Last week I blogged about our silly parking restrictions around the station and concluded that the City must really hate car drivers.

camera cash

But I wonder if I got it all wrong?

The reason is that we also have bus lanes a go-go in the City. Many were introduced with a fanfare that we were getting ‘NEW LANES’, except what they meant was ‘NEW BUS LANES’ and ‘LESS CAR LANES’. QED.

They are perplexing as some are 24 hours and some are restricted on a sort of kitchen timer thing.

In fact they are so perplexing that the City trousers £1m each year from the fines. You can read the whole story here in my local papers on-line edition.

On my way home there is a bus lane – which operates Monday to Friday 4pm to 6pm. And this includes Bank Holidays. It also includes those days between Christmas and New Year when you lose track of the days. There are no buds in sight and, as you guessed it, I found out that the cameras do work – even in torrential rain. I’m pleased to have been able to contribute to the running of the place I call ‘home’.

I wouldn’t mind but in the morning the buses race each other to pick up the next passengers. And they come in my CAR LANE. I bet they don’t get fined?

Perhaps my title is wrong – I think Nottingham loves cars. We love you paying high parking charges and getting caught in bus lanes… It helps balance the books!

Nottingham Transport – part two

We are having a major facelift at Nottingham Station – it will provide a new transport hub – with a tram bridge over the station. Forget that this is the ugliest bridge in the world – the connectivity is important.


The Station has been in a bit of a mess for the last 18 months or so, we have a new disconnected car park (read my blog here) and the front of the station is boarded up. Temporarily the ticket office is in a portakabin on Station Street – opposite the Council offices.

But the real fun starts when Nottingham Station gets properly closed for around 6 weeks from mid-July. This is so the track can be upgraded. If you’re coming from London the closest you’ll get is Beeston.

But last week the Council decided that the route to the station booking office should be limited to buses and taxi’s only. So we poor car drivers are barred. Helpfully there’s a camera – and they’re not going to fine us for the next couple of weeks – whilst we get used to the idea. Not content with putting this restriction in during the track closure they have started it now and are running it for 18 months?

Why not just shut the station altogether?

The only time I go to Nottingham now is to pick up clients who have travelled up from London. It’s going to make a great impression when I tell them they have to walk around the station (10 mins?) to the new drop off zone.

Joined up thinking? Certainly not. Anti- Car? Yep – sound familiar?