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This week saw the launch of my firm’s latest Insight document. This is an annual publication which looks back at the market – so 2010 is analysed, but against the backdrop of the last five years. This hopefully shows some trends – but also sets a benchmark for the various sectors. It is intended to give an overview of Nottingham, Derby & Leicester.

The speakers at our Nottingham Market Insight event

As you might expect, the report shows a bit of a mixed bag. The reality was that we expected 2010 to be quite challenging – especially in light of the Election. But it wasn’t quite as bad as we thought.

In the Industrial and Office markets take up was pretty good – although it was a market characterised by a number of large deals – as an example the pre-letting to E.On of 105,000 sq ft probably skewed the market. But 75% of office deals done were below 5,000 sq ft. We still have 2.5m sq ft of Industrial space on the market!

The Investment market faired reasonably well too. In spite of three years of either stagnant or negative rental growth, total returns from property in 2010 was 15.2%. Yields compressed in the year – which means prices go up.

One of the speakers at our launch event was Sadia Sheikh from Experian, her overview of the whole economy was sobering – to say the least! She too thought that 2010 was generally good overall, but it was quite good for the early part of the year, but the last quarter has seen a dip in most indicators. Her story was that it was a ‘tale of two halves’. It looks like it will be a tough year ahead as the Comprehensive Spending Review starts to bite.

If you would like an electronic copy of the report please leave me a comment below with your details and I will forward a copy. Or email me at work

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  1. Tim,

    I would be interested to see a copy of the report. If you could please forward to my email when possible, that would be appreciated.

    Kind regards

  2. Hell of a lot of coverage for your report…reproduced on a bunch of web sites such as Business Insider. You could well become market makers……

    • It is always the Valuers dilemma Nick – part of our business (the professional services side) really are market takers and report on history. The Agents have the capacity, by pushing boundaries, of making the market. But never the twain shall meet – despite the fact that we sit side by side. They still wear white socks too…


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