Never apologise, never explain?

This was a maxim I was ‘taught’ many years ago. It has sat rather uncomfortably in my professional life sometimes, when it can be necessary to do one or both. So I now use it somewhat tongue in cheek.

You will know from my blog that I, along with a number of other professionals in Nottingham are heading off to MIPIM in Cannes in mid March. We are going to promote the City – and make no secret that we are also there to promote our own firms. In the past Nottingham City Council have been a co-sponsor. But publicly they have found it difficult to justify the expenditure this year – especially in light of the savage cuts imposed on them by Central Government.

It’s Alcoholics Anonymous who try to drill into their members that there are some things in life you can’t do anything about – so if you can spot such things, save your energy. It’s known as the Serenity Prayer – and it’s quite useful sometimes!

God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, courage to change the things we can, and wisdom to know the difference.

In the last week we have had all manner of PR over our involvement in MIPIM this year – and I have to say that most of it has been positive.

But just a few times there have been some negative comments – they usually somehow weave in the words “Champagne”, “Canapes”, “Yachts”, “Sunshine” or “Jolly”. Then there were some texts sent to Radio Nottingham about “nothing good has ever come of the Council’s holiday in the South of France”.

I have reflected on this – and need to se the record straight – just for clarity.

1. The Council are not spending one penny this year at MIPIM – unless you count the cost of sending a member of the Invest in Nottingham team’s time. The private sector are paying – flights, hotel, pass for the conference and meals.
2. We are going for two reasons – one to promote Nottingham, the other to promote our individual firms. We are paying for this privilege – out of our own piggy bank(s).
3. Our goal at MIPIM is to find, attract and secure investors to Nottingham – one’s who will come in and buy land or buildings, spend money on them and create space for businesses who employ people. Nottingham gets jobs, hopefully the private sector get some work in buying, designing, building, doing the legals etc. We have dome this before with demonstrable results.

And, if I get offered Champage and Canapes on a Yacht – I will accept it with a smile. And I won’t apologise or explain.

5 comments on “Never apologise, never explain?

  1. One of lifes more depressing entertainments is reading the comments section on BBC sites, and particularly the Evening Post locally. There always appears resentment against those who take action, whatever the cause…….so many correspondents seemingly preferring to do nothing.
    Sad, but this is part of the human condition, it is always easier to criticise rather than to do.
    My two heroes, Brunel & Churchill, had the same outlook… ” just keep buggaring on” (WSC 1940)

    • Nick, I think you are right, you can’t get shot for sitting sniping from the sidelines. Those who put their head above the parapet do so at risk. Good job some of us like risk!

  2. I wouldn’t get too worried about the armchair cynics – they always think the world is conspiring against them. What concerns me is those who indulge in wilful naivete for the sake of an easy headline or a cheap shot on air. The irony of questioning good inward investment practice on the one hand and them moving switfly on to a story about job losses is entirely lost on them.

    • Richard – I guess some people just don’t get it. Never have, never will. They are the first to complain when things don’t happen!

      I shall only worry if I’m not offered Champagne!

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