Blogging awards – a miss is as good as a mile?

Firstly, if you voted for me in the recent National BE2 Blogging awards, I am hugely grateful.

Sadly, I didn’t win – but congratulations to Su Butcher – the eventual winner. You can read her blog here.

I guess that coming second in a National competition shouldn’t be sniffed at, but as my fellow Director and Merchant of Doom would say, ‘a miss is as good as a mile’. Others might say that taking part is not what it’s about…

So that’s it – so very nearly a winner – and it seems Su and I were very close – with just two percent between us….

So thanks again if you did vote!

2 comments on “Blogging awards – a miss is as good as a mile?

  1. Two per cent is within the margin for error – have we got a hanging chads scandal here?! Get BJs on the case…


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