My broken Amazon Kindle… and great customer service

For some reason my Kindle has parted company with this life. The screen has frozen – the only visible image is half of the face of Enid Blyton with vertical and horizontal lines across the rest of the screen. It’s not easy to read my Steve Job’s biography!

What my Kindle used to look like...

I have no idea what has happened, I don’t think it has been dropped or otherwise abused – it lives permanently in the case it came with.

So, I thought I would see what Amazon thought. They have a web-page with some self-help remedies. None worked for me. Then you can email them, which I did. I got a fairly quick response (less than 12 hours) asking me to call them via a link on their website. You basically enter your phone number and asks them to call – your two options are ‘now’ or ‘in 5 minutes’. i opted for ‘now’. The phone instantly rang!

I went through a few details with the lady – she obvious knew who I was. She decided that it was definitely broken and said they would post me a new one. I need to send the other one back. She emailed me a confirmation and a return label to print. I have to use the ‘new’ box – and someone is going to collect it from my work…

When my new Kindle arrives, I simply have to register it and all of my books will automatically download!

To put it mildly, I am impressed. There was no fuss, no drama and the whole thing couldn’t have been easier. After my last dealing with Sky, this was a refreshing change. And, I’m looking forward to getting back to the life and times of the late Steve Jobs.

Well done Amazon – this is exceptional customer service…

3 comments on “My broken Amazon Kindle… and great customer service

  1. I have experienced the same excellent customer service from Amazon, and the same appalling experience from Sky. The sad thing is, Sky are raking in the profits whilst Amazon are always on a shaky footing. Good customer service doesn’t pay it seems…

    • David, the downside to a virtual monolog. Sky enjoy such lofty heights. Amazon have a great place in the market, but still have to fight with others to compete… Tim

  2. Experienced an almost identical situation with an early kindle and as always Amazon customer service is among the best you will ever find.
    I am a very regular customer on amazon with packages arriving most weeks and of the few problems I’ve had they have always sorted them out in a professional and satisfactory manner.


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