Nottinghamshire Police – a pat on the back

The Nottinghamshire Police seem to get some bad press. I deliberately didn’t watch the Channel 4 documentary ‘Coppers‘ as I had been warned it was a somewhat biased and unflattering picture of the Nottingham – and it’s underworld.

One of the stolen bikes....

Unfortunately I became a Crime statistic at the weekend. Some charmers broke into my garage in the dead of night, found some ‘hidden’ keys and took 2 bikes – both Trek hybrids. They were 6 months old. They were bound together with a combination lock and wire. The thieves must have cut the wire, although they didn’t leave the remains here!

My son came home at around 4am to discover the garage open and the bikes gone. We called the Police – who were very helpful. They seemed more awake than me!

I had expected to just get a crime number and then be consigned to the statistics file. But I haven’t been. Two officers have been to see us – twice. They want pictures of the bikes, frame numbers, values. Yesterday a Community Officer called to say he had been to see all of our neighbours (who hadn’t heard anything). I had a call from the Scenes of Crime people – asking if I thought it worth them checking the place for fingerprints.

I haven’t got my bikes back (yet?) but I am impressed with the efforts of the Police to date. Well done to the Nottinghamshire Police.

Oh, and if you know someone who has nicked my bikes – tell them to be careful on one of them, the suspension is broken and could be dangerous to ride. It was waiting to be fixed. On second thoughts – don’t tell them…

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